Microsoft Azure Terraform Provider depricated, and you

So hashicorp announched the imidiate deprication of the Terraform Provider for Azure ASM (Azure Service Management). This is because you are supposed to use the newer and improved ARM (Azure Resouce Management). Microsoft has been pushing cloud automation towards ARM. Hashicorp will rename the AzureARM provider to Azure. Terraform supported both API’s but since Microsoft plans to end-of-life the ASM portal on January 8 2018 terraform will end support for ASM.

To ensure consistency with Microsoft, the “Microsoft AzureRM” provider will now be referred to as the “Azure” provider, however it’ll continue to be accessible as “azurerm” in the Provider block, as shown in the example below:

According to Hashicorp new provider options will be made available in the coming months.

So for the and you part…

If you are using ASM you should rewrite your code to use the ARM provider.

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